Meet the Team

Andrew Carslaw

Director, Editor and Music Composer

Andy Carslaw graduated at Bournemouth University and has 16 years experience working on media and web related projects. He currently works for the University of Oxford and has made several other short films. His debut was film "Gardening and Other Crimes" was used to raise funds for the John Radcliffe hospital. His most recent project was acting as a producer, editor and composer for the short film "Legacy"

Gail Hackston

Writer and Producer

Gail Hackston is a London-based filmmaker, who started her career in the late 1990s in Scotland. She worked on a number of the popular Tartan Shorts and First Reel strands. 2012 has seen five of her short films as writer produced, one of which is Spare Change. Gail recently helped produce Crowdsourced feature film "50 Kisses" with the London Screenwriters Festival. Gail is keen to get back behind the camera in 2013 with her project "Cancer Hair".

Mike Duran

Cast: Business Man

Mike has been a presenter on XFM London and a broadcast journalist for The Guardian before returning to acting. He appeared briefly in the short comedy entitled "Etiquette" also directed by Andrew Carslaw. Since then Mike has been very busy with acting work and we were delighted to have him back for this production.

Thomas Watts

Cast: Homeless man

Thomas Watts is currently finishing off his BA in Drama at the University of Northampton. His audition was unique and showcased his acting range, so much so that we knew instantly we had found our homeless man for this project.

Laura Callaghan

Cast member, Continuity, Shot logging

Laura not only kept us all in order with the continuity and shot-logging for this production, but she also appears in the film. How is that for multitasking? Laura is about to appear in the Oxford Theatre Guild's production of Pride and Prejudice.

Mel Cunningham

Production Stills

Mel very kindly brought her talented photography skills to our production and tooks some wonderful production stills. Especially being as this was her first production stills assignment, not that you could tell. She now has the bug, so if you would like any production stills (or wedding photos), please get in contact!

Ben Currie

Cast member, Runner

Ben was another who multi-tasked both in front of the screen (with a completely inpromptu performance) as well as behind it. He has appeared in a number of productions and recently acted as the runner for the 5x5 short-film project "Scent of Success".

Ani Dee

Makeup Artist

Rather than doing the norm of beautifying our main characters, Ani was tasked with the job of roughing them up a bit. Quite a bit. Thankfully this is her speciality which she performed with great gusto and inventiveness. You can see more about Ani's work here.

Mateusz Golebiewski

Cinematographer/Director of Photography

Mateusz has trained at various esteeemed UK film schools including London Film School, National Film and Television School and London Film Academy. He is currently gandering acclaim for his work on "Faux Départ" which recently played at Cannes' Short Film Corner. His experiences serving in some of the poorest areas in India put him in perfect stead for working on Spare Change.

Jim Gwilliam

Second Unit, Sound Recording and Post Production

Jim Gwilliam has worked with director Andrew Carslaw on previous films and turns his hand to anything. He stepped into both Sound recordist and second unit roles during the production and more recently been a miracle worker during the Post production phase.

Nicholas Holloway

Production Stills

Nicholas Holloway also worked on "Gardening and other crimes" taking production stills and even doing some acting! He is a keen photographer who also runs the Erratic Photographer website.

Peter Hudston

Sound recordist

Peter Hudston is experienced in capturing field recordings and has studied Composition in electroacoustic music at Concordia in Montreal, Canada and Piano at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada.

Gareth Owain Jones

Cast member, Runner

Gareth is an Oxford-based film-maker who helped out behind the scenes and again also in front of the camera. He has just completed his first film, a science fiction noir called Nocturnum.

Layla Mirmalek

Storyboard Artist

Layla is an actress who played in both productions of the comedy short "Etiquette". She is also an extremely talented mural artist. We greatly appreciate all the hard work and effort she put in to make the wonderful storyboards for this production.

Gareth Price


This was Gareth's introduction to the world of indie film-making and he threw himself right in helping out with the lighting. He has since gone on to produce "Nocturnum" for Gareth Owain Jones.

Adam Radley

Loader, Props

Not only did Adam act as loader (a role he originally performed on "Etiquette"), but he also built a clapper-board (seen in the photo) especially for this production and worked well beyond the call of duty.

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