A business-man refuses to acknowledge a homeless man on the street, but soon finds the tables turned when he gets mugged.

About the project

Homelessness is a problem which is on the rise, particularly amongst young people thanks to the economic downturn. It is a problem which also transcends the UK. We hope that this short film can be used to help raise both awareness and funds for some of the charities and agencies which can really make a difference.

The film is written/produced by Gail Hackston (crowd-sourced feature film 50 Kisses) and directed by Oxford film-maker Andrew Carslaw (Gardening and other Crimes and Etiquette).

"It is difficult not to notice the increase of homeless people I see on the street every day, people who get largely ignored. The message of this film is we shouldn't ignore them or have preconceived ideas about them or their predicament."

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