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18th June 2013
This weekend we will are planning a couple of pick-up shots to complete the final edit of the film. We are still planning to enter the film into this years Virgin Media Shorts - wish us luck!

You can find out all the latest and more indepth goings on for the project on the:
Ferny Films Blog (via the Spare Change tag).

Homeless News

Guardian: Homelessness charities stretched to breaking point
Homelessness has risen and funding has dwindled, but charities have coped so far. The real test is yet to come

Guardian: Homelessness 'If you think it's bad now, it's about to get worse'
Figures show a 6% rise in homelessness applications. Welfare reform and the closure of services will exacerbate the problem

US homeless numbers expected to rise as spending cuts deepen
More than 630,000 Americans currently homeless, figures show, but fears grow that $85bn cuts will make problem even worse

Homeless Link: Youth homelessness rise in England
Relationship breakdowns are causing a rise in homelessness among young people (16-24), a new Homeless Link study has revealed.

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