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About Emmi

About the film

The Story of Emmi

Emmi is a powerful drama about a teenager living in a tower block who has a dark secret. One evening she crosses paths with Sarah the kindly but nervous resident living in the flat below. The events which follow later in the night will change both of their lives forever.

Emmi aims first and foremost to tell a good story which moves us. It also raises challenging questions like: How do we deal with our fears? How do adults and teenagers communicate difficult issues? What are the pressures in our lives that stop us being the people we would like to be?

The film was inspired by a true story and we hope it will serves as a springboard for discussion. We also felt it extremely important to make a film which featured an almost exclusively female cast with characters that resonate with ordinary life.

Emmi is a short film by Director Andrew Carslaw and Writer/Producer Susan Stead. It was shot in Oxford, completed in December 2016 and will be entered into film festivals throughout 2017. Emmi was made by the Film Oxford Production group in collaboration with Ferny Films.

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